BRIT 2018 Alumni Events
January 11, 12 & 13, 2018
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@TheBRITClassic / BRIT Bedford Road Invitational Tournament
Check out our alumni events happening all week! Alumni Games, Social for anywho who was involved in BRIT over the years and much more! Check out our Facebook Page for more details!



Day 3 - Part 1

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Day 3 - Part 2

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Day 3 - Part 3

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We began broadcasting in 2004 when we had a team from Australia attend BRIT. Our intention with these broadcasts is to extend the BRIT experience and tradition to family and friends who can not be here to see "their" team compete.

Please note: The tournament sometimes gets behind schedule.

We would love to hear from you. Please send us even a brief e-mail, so that we can find out about our audience.

We make no guarantees regarding which games we will broadcast, the quality of our announcers, the outcome of the games, or the weather.

If you listen to any of the games please send us an email, so we can get idea of who we are reaching, where you are from and/or what would make the broadcasts better next time. Thank you.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
-The BRIT Broadcasting Team

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