BRIT 2017 Champion

Congratulations to St. Francis Xavier Rams on their BRIT 2017 Championship!

We would like to thank everyone for tuning in.

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January 12, 13 & 14 2017!
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@TheBRITClassic / BRIT Bedford Road Invitational Tournament
January 12, 13, & 14 2017
January 12, 13 & 14 2017!


Thu1Bedford Road31Dr. Martin LeBoldus94
Thu2Holy Cross33St. Francis Xavier70
Thu3St. Joseph67Séminaire Saint-Joseph45
Thu4Carson Graham45Marion Graham66
Fri5Bedford Road48Séminaire Saint-Joseph64
Fri6Dr. Martin LeBoldus71St. Francis Xavier75
Fri7Holy Cross67Carson Graham59
Fri8Colonel By Secondary58Magrath70
Fri10St. Joseph52Marion Graham68
Fri11Colonel By Secondary62Séminaire Saint-Joseph54
Sat12Bedford Road42Carson Graham55
Sat13Holy Cross70Strathcona65
Sat14Dr. Martin LeBoldus60St. Joseph54
Sat15St. Francis Xavier49Magrath41
Sat16Campbell70Marion Graham61
Sat17Séminaire Saint-Joseph45Strathcona85
Sat18Colonel By Secondary52Holy Cross58
Sat19Magrath72Marion Graham56
Sat20St. Francis Xavier77Campbell55
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